The catalogue of metagiven USIWO

USIWO — Russian Uniform State System of Information on Conditions in the World ocean.

  • Functioning on the basis of existing information systems of Russian Hydrometereology and Environmental Monitoring Service, the Ministry of Defence of Russia, MNR of Russia, State Fishery Committee of Russia and other departments according to the coordinated order and interaction standards.
  • Supporting on the constant basis of metadata bases and information of the regulated content, technologies of access, exchange, integration of information departments' resources for a full informational supply of activity on studying of the World ocean, monitoring of its condition and use of its resources.

USIWO represents the interdepartmental distributed system of information on conditions in the World ocean.

The huge catalogue of metadata on the arrays and databases, atlases, codifiers and experts in the field of research of the World ocean, and data on information technologies of data processing, data on models and methods of calculations, formats, terms, catalogue of the marine organisations.