Petromagnetic Types of Earth Crust

By the magmatism type, size of magnetisation and yhe lithosphere structure, four petromagnetic earth crust types are singled out.

The most widespread mafic and sialmafic types, which are characterised by the basic magmatism and high magnetisation values, are considered to be the structures of extension modes. Areas of primordial continental crust consolidations, rifts (paleorifts) and zones of oceanic and continental lithosphere articulation can be analogues of such structures.

Initial magmatism of the basic structure and formation of the magnetic sources is considered to date back to early stages of the large tectonomagmatic cycles, which coincide in the time relation with the periods of maximum dislocations of the Ukrainian board in width or its maximum turns.

Regions' perspectivity in minerals of magmatic, hydrothermal and pegmatite types is defined by the through lithospere structures together with corresponding conditions in earth crust.