SSE Chernobyl NPP

ЗображенняPresident of Ukraine, Cabinet of Ministers and Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine made the decision on ChNPP deducing from the structure of National Nuclear Energy Generating Company "Energoatom" and creation on its basis State Specialized Enterprise for a complex of tasks solution:
• implementation of Units 1,2,3 operation termination Programs – till 2008;
• performance of Units1,2,3 decommissioning Programs – till 2013;
• safe current operation of the shutdown Units and Shelter object;
• implementation of measures plan on Shelter object transformation in safe system;
• performance of the social protection program of the Chernobyl NPP personnel in connection with ahead of schedule plant shutdown and, first of all, additional workplaces creation for the liberated personnel.
SSE ChNPP was created on the basis of the Chernobyl NPP according to the Decree 1084/2000 of President of Ukraine dated September 25, 2000 and the Resolution 399 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated April 25, 2001. The new enterprise was registered in June 11, 2001.
The Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 17.11.2001 the enterprise is appointed as operation organization (operator) of Nuclear Installations of Chernobyl NPP.

The main tasks of Chernobyl NPP are the following:
• Ensuring of safety nuclear installations operation, facilities for radioactive wastes management and other equipment of this NPP;
• Safe decommissioning of Chernobyl NPP Units 1, 2, 3 and nuclear power plants of Ukraine;
• Shelter Object transformation into ecological safe system;
• Safety ensuring during management of radioactive wastes accumulated at the site of this NPP and Exclusion zone of Chernobyl NPP and also wastes generating during decommissioning and Shelter Object transformation into ecological safe system;
• Safety ensuring during Chernobyl NPP’s spent nuclear fuel management;
• Construction and operation of infrastructure facilities necessary for Chernobyl NPP decommissioning and Shelter Object transformation into ecological safe system;
• Personnel training and skills improvement;
• Environmental monitoring in zone of Chernobyl NPP location;
• Technologies development, accumulation and use of scientific and technical experience related to decommissioning of nuclear installations, overcoming of beyond designed accident consequences and construction and use of storage facilities for radioactive waste temporary and long term storage;
• Organization, coordination and implementation of scientific-applied researches, introduction of scientific technical and other developments, making contacts with scientific institutions, including foreign ones;
• Participation in the works coordination and implementation within the international projects related to decommissioning of Chernobyl NPP and Shelter Object transformation into environmentally safe system.

Peculiarities of legal relationship during Chernobyl NPP Units decommissioning, transformation of the destroyed fourth Unit of this NPP into ecologically safe system, social protection of Chernobyl NPP personnel are regulated by the Law of Ukraine “On the general principles of the further Chernobyl NPP operation and decommissioning and destroyed fourth Unit of this NPP transformation into ecologically safe system ” N 309-XIV dated 11.12.1998 with updating.

Transition from functions and structure of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant to Specialized Enterprise
Transition from Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant functions and structures to the Specialized Enterprise on nuclear plants units decommissioning and to Shelter object transformation into ecologically safe system was carried out in 2001-2003.

The third Chernobyl NPP Unit was shutdown on December 15, 2000. 9051 persons worked at the moment of Chernobyl NPP shutdown. During past period number of ChNPP’s employers was decreased almost twice. Thus fundamental changes in functions and structure of skilled personnel, financial, economic and industrial activity, basic assets of the enterprise were carried out.
In 2000-2003 with the purpose of Chernobyl NPP shutdown social consequences mitigation the top-priority task of workplaces retention has been solved on the basis of new kinds and principles of activity development. In this connection after plant shutdown 5 new enterprises, two international laboratories were created on the basis of Chernobyl NPP property, that allowed to prevent unemployment increasing in Slavutich. It was succeeded to avoid serious social conflicts, to preserve Chernobyl NPP personnel.
For services market development at other facilities of nuclear industry enterprise "Atomremontservice" was created in NEGC "Energoatom" structure on the basis of ChNPP rebuild service where actually more than 700 persons work, more than 300 of them are former ChNPP employers. Emergency training center of NEGC "Energoatom" was created on the basis of emergency actions control center of Chernobyl NPP.

General Director - Igor Gramotkin
Address: SSE "Chernobyl NPP", p/b 11, Slavutich, Kiev region, Ukraine, 07101
Tel:  +38 04593 43125