Earthquakes catalogue

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Global catalogues - Catalogue composed by Gytenberg and Rihter, 1904-1952

Regional catalogues and earthquakes description - publications


  1. Preliminary Earthquake Locations . IV.1982-XII.1984.- In: Preliminary Seismological Bulletin. Phase & Hipocentral Data. BMRGG, Canberra, Australia, 1982-1985.

Global catalogues - publications

  1. Ganse R.A., Nelson J.B. Catalog of Significant Earthquakes, 2000 B.C.-1979. Including Quantitative Casualties and Damage.- World Data Center A for Solid Earth Geophysics, Report SE-27, Boulder, USA, 1981.

  2. Duda S.J. Secular Seismic Energy Release in the Circum-Pacific Belt. /Survey of Earthquakes with Magnitude 7.0 or Greater in Period 1897-1964/.- Tectonophysics, V.2, N5, 409-452, 1965.